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August 10-16, 2018

Jr. Fair Buyer Form

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(If a private individual, please type "private individual" or "N/A" to complete and submit the form.)

By submitting this card, “the Responsible Party” agrees to the following:

  • “The Responsible Party” will be responsible for all purchases made under the assigned buyer number, regardless of “The Buyer Name" or “Buyer Contract".
  • “The Buyer” is defined as a single individual  or organization assigned to a specific buyer number. Multiple individuals or organizations on one buyer number will not be permitted.
  • All bids and add-ons will be the sole responsibility of the single individual or organization listed as “the buyer”.  Additionally, if “the buyer” chooses not to truck the animal to the packer, “the buyer” will be responsible for the market price of that animal.
  • All advertising, complimentary passes, or other benefits provided to “the buyer” will be valid for the single individual or organization listed as “the buyer”.
  • If a bid is shared with one or more buyers, each of the buyer numbers must be presented at the time the bid is made, and the total amount will be split evenly among these buyers.  No shared bid amounts less than $250.00 per buyer will be honored through the sale ring. Amounts less than $250.00 can be placed on animals at the add-on table by the buyer with a buyer number.
  • “The Buyer” has the option of doing an “add-on” bid to the sale of any animal.  All buyers who contribute $250 or more, in total over all lots, whether through winning bids or add-ons, will be advertised on the published Buyer’s List and receive the associated benefits.
  • If payment is not received by October 1, 2018, a $50 late fee per month will be added to the Buyer's Invoice. 
  • If payment is not made in a timely manner the Miami County Agricultural Society reserves the right to ban "the buyer" from purchasing at future Miami County Junior Fair Livestock Sales.
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The office at the fairgrounds is open
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650 N. County Road 25-A
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650 N. County Road 25-A

Troy, OH 45373

Phone: (937) 335 - 7492

Fax: (937) 339 - 3732

Fair Secretary’s Office Hours

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Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4 pm

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